Yachts for Scattering of Ashes in San Diego

 rose_petals_at_seaScattering of Ashes
The passing of a loved one is experienced by each of us in our life times. The scattering of their ashes at sea provides a meaningful and memorable closure in which we feel connected to nature and the cycle of life. Being on the water with family and friends is a comforting way to commemorate and celebrate life.

California Cruisin’ Yacht Charters provides an array of beautiful, well appointed yachts for various sized groups. Our professional licensed crew will ensure your safety and comfort while you experience the beauty and serenity of the timeless and infinite ocean.

Scattering of Ashes Ceremony
Some people choose to bring a clergy or mediator to perform a more formal ceremony while many others choose to create their own personal memorial. All of our events are custom and suited to you and your group.

Generally speaking, your vessel will leave our dock on Harbor Island and cruise through San Diego Bay past Point Loma and onto the ocean. In most instances, the nearby offshore location is protected from the ocean swell by the surrounding land.

When we reach the location, your group will gather at the part of the vessel best suited to scattering the ashes. At this time some groups have their mediator, if they have chosen one, perform a ceremony, while some other groups share their thoughts or memories of their departed loved one with each other. Some merely view the ocean and reflect.

Often, biodegradable flowers are tossed into the water before or after the ashes are scattered.. Biodegradable urns are available from some cremation services, whereby the urn or ashes container is tossed into the water as a whole and slowly sinks and dissolves. Ask your cremation service about this.

scattering_ashesWhen and Where
Your vessel will be private for your group and will travel just outside San Diego Bay where your scattering of ashes will take place nearby the shelter of land. The area on the water where we most commonly go for scattering of ashes has breathtaking views of Point Loma, Hotel Del Coronado, the Silver Strand running south to Mexico, downtown San Diego and the Coronado Islands leading out to the open Pacific Ocean.

Your Captain will note the exact Latitude and Longitude and time of the scattering. While we will schedule your vessel according to your wishes, for your comfort we recommend most highly the mid morning hours, before our local San Diego ocean breezes begin.

A two hour minimum will accommodate a simple ceremony and the travel time from our Harbor Island location to the ocean location and back. Many groups, however, opt to schedule their yacht for a longer time so that they may spend more time together on the water. Often, this gathering brings family and friends from various locations and affords an opportunity for them to enjoy each other’s company.

San Diego Bay is a stunningly beautiful backdrop to extend their time together.

Group Sizes
We have vessels to handle nearly any size group and budget. Catering is available on some of our vessels, or you are welcome to bring your own food and beverages on our six and twelve passenger vessels.

Please call for details and pricing.

What to Wear
San Diego is well-known for having one of the best climates of any city in the world. We happily have an abundance of sunshine and warm, comfortable days. With an average of only ten inches of rain a year, we usually experience rain only in February and early March if we have a rainy season at all. It is usually slightly cooler on the water so we recommend that you bring layers of clothing such as jackets or sweaters so that you are comfortable throughout your cruise.

In the State of California, it is permissible to scatter ashes nearshore. Biodegradable flowers or a biodegradable urn are also permissible. Your cremation service should provide you with a permit to scatter the ashes. Please ask them for this.

Booking and Cancellation
To schedule and guarantee your vessel, we require a 50% deposit with the balance due before the cruise. Deposits are non-refundable unless we are forced to cancel your booking due to inclement weather, which has never yet occurred, and in which case we will refund your deposit or re-schedule according to your wishes. Should we be able to book your cancelled vessel to another charterer for the same time and duration, we will refund your deposit.

“I personally want to thank you for your help in arranging our cruise for the memorial Saturday the 5th of April (2008). Everything was absolutely beautiful.” Mary Ellis

“The water was calm and the day was peaceful. Being aboard your boat with our family and friends made saying goodbye a little easier for us. Thank you for your care and compassion during the cruise. It was a beautiful and memorable experience.” David and Jeannie Porter

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