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Scattering of Ashes at sea has been a practice throughout the ages. This beautiful way of parting with a loved one brings peace and closure to those of us who have lost someone. Although we will never be apart from them in our hearts, we can bear witness to them rejoining the elements from which we are born.

Our yachts provide a comfortable, luxurious, and safe voyage to all on board. We have excellent yachts for various sized groups with professional U.S. Coast Guard licensed captains to ensure a quality experience.

We are fortunate in San Diego to have easy and close access to the ocean’s waters, where we can perform the scattering in quite protected ease near to shore. The locale is superbly scenic and memorable. Our purpose is meaningful and moving, and our passengers remark how they appreciate this special commemoration and celebration of life.

We are located on Harbor Island, just around the corner from downtown San Diego. Our minimum cruise time is two hours, which is needed to travel from our docks to the location on the ocean and back, affording time for a simple scattering ceremony. As it is a special occasion, many groups prefer a voyage longer than two hours.
This enables them the opportunity to be close together with friends and family who are happy to be sharing the joy of being on a yacht experiencing San Diego’s wonderful waters surrounded by beautiful and ever changing scenery.

Ken Cohen, our principal captain and company founder has more than thirty five years as a U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Master. Says Captain Ken, “Each group that comes aboard is unique and important to me. Though we are together for a somewhat short time, sharing the ocean, the sky, and the companionship, I feel the closeness between the members of the group aboard as well as a closeness to them.”.